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“Our long-term care home's experience with this nursing agency has been exceptional! Their nurses have improved the level of care for our residents, and their responsiveness has made staffing worries a thing of the past. Grateful for their positive impact!”

Director of Nursing, rural Alberta Long Term Care Home
What We Do

How We Empower Long Term Care Homes

In need of qualified healthcare workers and nurses? We have the solutions.

  • Increased Placement Speed

    Our unique technology optimizes the process of finding a healthcare pro in a hurry for your long term care facility.

  • Quality Connections

    You'll only be matched with the most qualified and experienced candidates for your long term care home.

  • Hero Care Healthcare Experience

    Our company was founded by nurses and doctors with experience in long term care homes who have extended that experience into our process. We speak your language.

  • Payment Processing

    We'll handle payday so you can focus on taking care of business. Long term care homes can also pay as you go and enjoy Hero Care risk-free!

  • Timely Assistance

    You will have access to a responsive dedicated account manager who will help with any questions or program requests for your Long Term Care Home

  • Supportive Technology

    Connect with Hero Care on the go and fill open positions effortlessly.

  • Expert Vetting

    We do all the digging to guarantee safe and secure hires - all candidates are vetted by another healthcare professional for the highest level of quality control.

  • Extensive Onboarding

    From detailed Infection Prevention and Control policy training to immunizations and Criminal record check collection verification, we ensure all requirements are completed before on-site training begins.

  • Reputable Recruitment

    Your long term care home employees will be able to access our recruitment department when needed.

  • Robust Roster Access

    Hero Care is connected to an extensive team of 10,000 healthcare professionals across Canada - many clients will draw from our current roster to fill shifts quickly and efficiently.

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Makes us the same

What Makes Hero Care Different for Long Term Care Homes?

What makes Hero Care different is really what makes us the same, particularly when it comes to addressing the nurse staffing needs of LTC homes.

We are a united team of healthcare professionals that have walked in your shoes, battling the common issue of staffing shortages in long term care homes.

We're fluent in the language of the healthcare sector, and we understand the intricacies of working in a bustling long term care home. Our team possesses the knowledge, experience, and judgement to efficiently source and place healthcare staff in a range of specialties, giving us an advantage and you the perfect fit for your requirements, without delay!

Our Hero Care app reaches out to healthcare professionals near and far. At the same time, our web-based dashboard allows health clinics to access our database conveniently, post their staffing needs, and review the candidates we believe will best serve their needs. This technology, developed in-house by our team of doctors, nurses, and tech experts, streamlines the process of healthcare staffing for LTC. It's medical staffing, made easy.

Healthcare Alliance, Assemble!

About Hero Care

“Our long-term care home is incredibly grateful for Hero Care! Their skilled and compassionate nurses have elevated the quality of care for our residents, bringing joy and comfort to our community.”

Charge Nurse, Toronto area Nursing Home
Asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hero Care is a consolidated team of healthcare professionals, deeply empathetic to the staffing challenges often faced byLTC homes. We offer a robust solution for healthcare staffing, connecting long term care homes with qualified nurses efficiently and promptly.

  • Hero Care is rooted in the healthcare sector, giving us a deep understanding of your unique needs when it comes to staffing for LTC homes. Our comprehensive knowledge and refined skills enable us to deliver the most suitable healthcare staffing solutions.

  • Our Hero Care app and web dashboard streamline the nurse staffing process for long term care homes. They allow LTC homes to access our pool of fully vetted candidates easily, post their staffing needs, and evaluate suitable candidates. Our technology makes healthcare staffing for LTC homes simple and efficient.

  • Hero Care is devoted to meeting healthcare staffing needs promptly. Our robust network and efficient matching process allow us to quickly fill nursing vacancies in LTC homes, ensuring seamless operations and quality patient care.

  • We at Hero Care handle payment processing, enabling long term care homes to focus on their core care function. Long term care homes can use our pay-as-you-go service and experience risk-free staffing services.

  • Hero Care also helps staff healthcare organizations like long-term care homes, retirement homes, hospitals, dental clinics, corporations, remote communities & more.

  • Absolutely! You can request a demo by clicking on the 'Book Demo' button on our website. See firsthand how Hero Care streamlines healthcare staffing for LTC.

  • Yes, LTC homes can contact our recruitment department when required, facilitating their healthcare staffing and nurse hiring processes.

  • Every candidate at Hero Care is vetted by an experienced healthcare professional, ensuring the highest level of quality control. This rigorous process supports our commitment to offering first-rate healthcare staffing services, particularly when it comes to staffing LTC homes.