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The Rise of Nursing Agencies: Why Canadian Nurses are Transitioning to Work for Nursing Agencies

house Team Hero Care Apr 24, 2023

The Rise of Nursing Agencies: Why Canadian Nurses are Transitioning to Work for Nursing Agencies

The nursing profession in Canada is experiencing a shift as more and more nurses are opting to work for nursing agencies. Nursing agencies, also known as healthcare staffing agencies, are organizations that provide temporary or contract nursing staff to healthcare facilities. This trend of nurses transitioning to work for nursing agencies is gaining momentum for several compelling reasons.

Flexibility in Work Schedule and Location

One of the primary reasons why Canadian nurses are turning to nursing agencies is the flexibility they offer in terms of work schedule and location. Nursing agencies provide nurses with the option to choose their shifts, allowing them to have more control over their work-life balance. Nurses can select shifts that suit their personal needs, such as part-time or full-time hours, day or night shifts, or specific scheduling arrangements. This flexibility in work schedule allows nurses to create a better work-life balance and manage their personal commitments more effectively.

In addition to flexible schedules, nursing agencies also offer opportunities to work in various healthcare facilities and locations. Nurses can choose to work in different hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, or other healthcare settings, depending on their preferences and interests. This provides nurses with the opportunity to gain diverse clinical experiences, expand their skills, and broaden their professional horizons.

Increased Compensation and Benefits

Nursing agencies often offer competitive compensation and benefits to attract and retain top nursing talent. Nurses who work for nursing agencies may have the opportunity to earn higher wages compared to traditional employment in healthcare facilities. Nursing agencies recognize the value of nurses' skills and expertise and offer competitive compensation packages to compensate them accordingly. This can be particularly appealing to nurses who are looking to maximize their earning potential.

Opportunities for Professional Growth and Development

Nursing agencies prioritize the professional growth and development of their nurses. They offer opportunities for nurses to expand their skills, gain diverse clinical experiences, and enhance their professional portfolios. Nurses who work for nursing agencies often have access to ongoing training, education, and mentorship programs that can help them advance their careers and stay updated with the latest best practices in nursing.

Nursing agencies also offer the opportunity to work in different healthcare settings, exposing nurses to diverse patient populations and clinical scenarios. This can broaden nurses' clinical expertise and provide them with valuable experiences that can enhance their professional growth. Nurses who are seeking continuous learning and growth opportunities may find nursing agency employment to be a viable option.

Supportive Work Environment and Team

Working for nursing agencies can also offer a supportive work environment and team dynamic. Nursing agencies often have a team of healthcare professionals who are experienced in providing support and guidance to their nurses. This can include 24/7 access to clinical support, mentorship programs, and ongoing communication to address any concerns or questions that nurses may have.

Furthermore, nursing agencies are known for their supportive team environments that foster collaboration and inclusivity. Nurses can work with a diverse group of healthcare professionals and learn from their collective experiences. This collaborative environment can promote professional growth and help nurses feel supported and valued in their roles.


The rise of nursing agencies in Canada is transforming the nursing profession as more nurses are opting to work for agencies. The flexibility in work schedule and location, increased compensation and benefits, opportunities for professional growth and development, and supportive work environment and team dynamic are some of the key reasons why Canadian nurses are transitioning to work for nursing agencies. If you are a nurse seeking flexibility, career growth, and a supportive work environment, exploring opportunities with nursing agencies may be the right move for you.