Nurse Kelly

Embracing Freedom and Adventure: My Journey as a Travel RN with Hero Care

house Kelly, Hero Care RN May 24, 2023

Being a nurse is a calling that demands compassion, resilience, and a relentless dedication to patient care. As I embarked on my nursing career 10 years ago, I never imagined that my path would lead me to become a travel registered nurse (RN) with Hero Care. The decision to transition to agency nursing has been a game-changer for me, opening up a world of opportunities and experiences that have reinvigorated my love for nursing. In this blog post, I want to share with you the reasons why I made the leap and why I have come to cherish my role as a travel RN.

Embracing Better Pay

  1. Let's face it, finances play a significant role in our lives. As a full-time nurse, I was content with my salary, but the chance to work as a travel RN offered a substantial increase in earning potential. Hero Care values its nurses and ensures competitive compensation packages. With higher pay rates and added perks, I found myself more financially secure and able to focus on enjoying my career and exploring new places.

Reveling in a Flexible Schedule

  1. One of the most appealing aspects of being a travel RN with Hero Care is the flexibility it offers. As a travel RN, I gained the freedom to create a schedule that suits my lifestyle. Whether I wanted to work back-to-back assignments or take extended breaks between contracts, the choice was mine. This flexibility allowed me to strike a balance between work and personal life, rejuvenating both my career and my soul.

Experiencing Autonomy in Different Departments

  1. As a staff nurse, I often found myself limited to one particular department or specialty. However, as a travel RN, I am exposed to diverse clinical settings and healthcare systems. Hero Care provides the unique opportunity to choose assignments in various departments, which has significantly enhanced my nursing skills and professional growth. The autonomy to select assignments based on my interests and goals has kept my passion for nursing alive and continuously challenged me to expand my horizons.

Unleashing the Wanderlust

  1. Traveling has always been my passion, and being a travel RN allows me to satisfy that wanderlust. Hero Care covers all travel expenses, including flights, accommodations, and even deals rental cars. This incredible perk has enabled me to explore the country without worrying about the logistical aspects of travel. On my days off, I can immerse myself in new cities, discover hidden gems, and indulge in thrilling adventures, all while fulfilling my duties as a nurse.

Connecting with a Supportive Community

  1. Joining Hero Care not only provided me with professional benefits but also connected me with an incredible community of fellow travel nurses. These like-minded individuals have become my extended family, offering support, camaraderie, and invaluable insights into the travel nursing lifestyle. The shared experiences and stories we exchange foster a sense of belonging and remind me that I am not alone in this unique journey.


Becoming a travel RN with Hero Care has been a life-changing decision. The combination of better pay, flexible scheduling, autonomy in choosing departments, the ability to travel for free, and the opportunity for exploration has revitalized my nursing career. I have discovered a newfound love for my profession, all while indulging in my passion for adventure. If you are a nurse seeking a change, I encourage you to consider the world of travel nursing. Embrace the freedom, embark on a thrilling journey, and let your nursing skills shine in diverse healthcare environments across the nation.